"Your images are a reflection of your being. They have a deeper meaning."

I'm Ashley, this is Connor, we are a husband and wife duo and we love, love.

I believe I have the greatest job ever- I get to attend and capture your most precious moments. Whether that be a new baby, wedding, engagement, anniversary or just hanging with the fam- I want to know you & have that shine through the photos. What was the first thing that he/she did that made you know- that person is my soul mate? What funny thing does your baby do now that makes you say, "I never want to forget these moments" ? What do you and your significant other laugh about that no one else understands but you two? These are the things I'm looking for, and these are the feelings I want to come out when you see your photos. 

Some facts about me- 

I love sunsets, natural light, and will probably say some weird things to get your real laugh to come out during pictures.

I'd choose lifestyle pictures over posed any day.

I am a mother to the sweetest baby boy, Huxley. 

We are not afraid of rain (perks of growing up in the PNW) and you can count on us being there no matter what! I have been so fortunate to make friendships from this and I look forward to the ones yet to come! 

I don't bite, let's talk! 

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